Journal of Abnormal Abduction Research  J.A.A.R.

Disclaimer Notice

J.A.A.R. is an independent bi-monthly update that will deal with the

various cases surrounding Abnormal Abductions & other related

phenomenon. We are dedicated to investigating and understanding reported

encounters. The Journal will feature writings from researchers both here and

abroad. Case Studies, Landmark Cases, and Research Papers will also be in

the Journal. Abduction Support Groups will be highlighted in the Journal,

along with their contact information.


Butch Witkowski, UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania

Director and Founder and Elaine Douglass, UFORCOP Utah Director had

discussed many times the need for an outlet where both researchers and

abductees can share information, and after many conversations and thoughts

the Journal of Abnormal Abduction Research was born. It will be a bimonthly

publication posted on


J.A.A.R is dedicated to the memory of